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Parasites are organisms that live in or on other organism, called hosts. The parasites depend on their host to survive, mature, and reproduce. Parasites harm their host by taking nutrients and strength, sometimes leaving behind diseases. Hosts are rarely killed by parasites, but suffer at the expense of giving their parasite life.

How to use Kleen Green™ to get rid of parasites

Suggested Dilution: 1 oz of Kleen Green™ to 8 oz of water

  • Apply diluted Kleen Green™ with a misting bottle, cotton ball or your hand.
  • Apply to skin morning, noon and night or use as often as needed. Do not wash off. Skin will feel calm and clean.
  • Applying before bedtime can help relieve symptoms that cause sleeping problems.
  • Relief can be obtained by taking a soaking enzyme bath with Kleen Green™ Enzymes. Simply pour 4 oz. or more concentrated Kleen Green™ into very warm bath water and soak approximately 20 minutes. You should use Kleen Green™ without soaps, oils or other products in the bath water.
  • To use as a shampoo, apply concentrated Kleen Green™ and massage into damp hair. Allow to remain for at least 5 minutes, then rinse.
  • Kleen Green™ is a non-toxic product that provides superior cleaning in the entire home, eradicating and digesting dirt, bacteria and microscopic mites - even dust mites.
  • Spray and/or mist cracks, crevices and around window and door frames daily for several days. Persistence and patience will give the best results when using Kleen Green™. Kleen Green™ does not produce any toxic fumes and eliminates offensive odors in your home.
  • It is safe to spray on all surfaces including carpet, bedding, walls, floors and furniture.
  • Use ½ oz of Kleen Green™ in a steam vac or cleaning machine for superior cleaning power.
  • Pour 1 oz of Kleen Green™ directly into wash load without detergent for fresh, clean laundry.
  • Pour 2 to 4 oz of Kleen Green™ into your humidifier for eliminating odors and controlling air born bacteria, germs and pests.
Kleen green bottle.

Why and How Kleen Green™ Works

Insects are made up of a high concentration of protein. When Kleen Green is introduced to the insect, the enzymes act and can cause the insect to molt (shed its outer coating) prematurely. Poison pesticides attack the nervous system of the insect, which is not always effective. University research has noted that some insects have developed a resistance to poison based products. This revolutionary product is now available to the general consumer. Preformed enzymes have been used widely in restaurant and institutional settings for the last ten years, due to their low toxicity and superior cleaning properties. They are also becoming widely accepted in the field of pest cleaning as enzymes leave no toxic residues and the enzymatic effect on the insect exoskeleton is quick and safe. SAFE for Gardens, Plants, Ponds and around children and pets!

A Natural Alternative to Toxic Products

  • Fast Acting
  • Does Not Produce Toxic Fumes
  • Extremely Economical
  • More Effective and Safer than Pesticides!

Kleen Green: Non-Toxic, Pesticide Free Spray


Super Concentrated - Pesticide Free

  • 8 oz makes 2 quarts
  • 16oz makes 4 quarts
  • 32oz makes 8 quarts
  • 64 oz makes 16 quarts
  • 128oz makes 32 quarts
  • Also available in 5 gallons


INGREDIENTS: Active ingredients: A specially formulated broad spectrum of NATURAL enzymes (protease, amylase, cellulose, lipase) derived from innocuous yeast strains. FDA good grade ingredients. GRAS (FDA Generally Regarded As Safe) List Parts 184 and 186. This product is not a pesticide.

How to use Kleen Green™ Enzymes

  • This nontoxic product provides superior cleaning in the entire home eradicating and digesting dirt, bacteria and microscopic mites - even dust mites.
  • Spray and/or mist cracks, crevices, around window and door frames daily for several days. Persistence and patience will give the best results when using Kleen Green. No need to leave your home like that with pesticides. Kleen Green does not produce any toxic fumes. Kleen Green Enzymes eliminates offensive odors.
  • Safe to spray on all surfaces: carpet, bedding, walls, floors and furniture.
  • Kleen Green may be used in the laundry and in carpet cleaning machines.
  • Pour 1oz. of concentrate directly into wash load without detergent for a fresh clean laundry.
  • TIP: Kleen Green is safe to use in humidifiers. Pour 2 to 4 oz. into your humidifier for eliminating odors and controlling air born bacteria, germs and pests.

Case study of a new unidentified flying parasite...

NOTE: The following article was written by a customer who is suffering from the effects of some type of unidentified parasite. We are grateful for her willingness to share her thoughts.

“For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.” Matthew 24:7 NKJV

Parasites in New Clothing


Parasite infestation victims have to do their own research. Don't be deceived by entomologists who say, Parasites don't fly. Their expertise is insects not parasites. Parasite websites have no ID information.

The unidentified parasite is not related to Morgellons/Fibre Disease. It's not a nematode. In 2006, it was reported to the CDC Parasitic Disease Branch in Atlanta. Their response was nonchalant and unhelpful. As of today, I've heard no reports about a federal investigation. This parasite may become widespread before officials take a real initiative to investigate it.

Urgent Notice:

In the U.S., unidentified parasites are infesting the cloths of new garment retailers. Shoppers beware!! Many textile products are being imported from foreign countries which have lower manufacturing standards. The U.S. inspections and shipping industry have failed to detect parasites. As a result, consumers are contracting parasites from NEW retail clothing and textile products. Any store that sells imported textiles (clothing, furniture, carpeting) can have these parasites. Infested hotels, rental cars, offices, and public transportation can be a source of transmission, also.

There have been reports of infested clothing in retail outlets on the East Coast. These parasites are not limited to the East Coast. The problem is nationwide. Parasite infested clothing is being sold at low and high-priced retailers. Therefore, people of all economic levels will be impacted.

The retail garment industry is infested with a parasite that's uncommon to the US. It's not a mite, flea, lice, collembolan, springtail, sand fly, or anything your doctor would be familiar with. Some retailers mistakenly call it a “cloth flea”. Yet it's a parasite that poses serious health risks.


Parasites are not bugs or insects. They're organisms that carry diseases and other parasites. Ectoparasites are external and live outside the human body. People of all ages and nationalities are at risk of being exposed to the unidentified parasite.

The unidentified flying parasites appearance:


White, usually bright white, buff, beige, or peach the original parasite source is white, yet colors may change over time.

Shape and Size

  1. Tiny and round about the size of a speck of salt
  2. Tiny and oblong shaped (They resemble a tiny piece of thread or fiber.)
  3. Both could be different forms of the same parasite. # 1 could be an egg, but I'm not certain. Long-time infested retailers will have both tiny and larger sizes.


The babies are about 1/16 inches long. Average length is less than 1/8 inches long. (1/8 inches is the length of an extracted ink pen tip. 1/16 inches is one-half of that.) The parasite can grow longer.


Width varies according to parasite's maturity. Average width is about twice the size of sewing thread. It can grow as wide as a grain of rice.


You can't see the body of the parasite. The body is hidden by its folded wings. When it's airborne, you see only its fluttering wings.

Note: The parasite doesn't look like an insect. If it's dormant, people won't notice it.

Movements and Habits

Item # 2 (described above) is the main culprit that moves and bites. This parasite can fly, jump, and crawl. It flies really fast. You must look at the right time in order to see it flying. The parasite flies only occasionally. It spends most of its time resting on something. It likes hair, clothing, and dark colored items.

The parasite's location is not limited to the hair, clothing, and body. It will infest fabric and non-fabric items. Once it gets into a home, the parasite spreads quickly. It will get in every room and everything (i.e. wallets, pocketbooks, paper, plastic, boxes, cabinets, etc.). Wherever you go, it travels with you (i.e. your car, office, school, etc.).

The parasite can travel from shopping bags to your car. They'll spread to the trunk. So exercise precaution when handling newly purchased items.

Physical symptoms of sufferers

  1. Bites that sting.
  2. Red skin rashes caused by contact with the parasite and/or its eggs.
  3. Victims may feel the parasite or its eggs lighting on their skin.
  4. Based on the sensitivity of one's skin, some victims have an itching problem.

The biting occurs on exposed and non-exposed skin. The parasites get underneath one's clothing and bite everywhere. I've been bitten while shopping in stores! Some people may not notice symptoms. That depends on the degree of exposure and their skin sensitivity. Biting is the first symptom that prompts victims to examine themselves. Exposure to heavily infested clothing and environments may increase the severity of one's symptoms.

An infestation occurs when parasites are transmitted to the body, hair, or clothing of an individual. Within a few days, numerous parasites will appear on the skin, hair, clothing, in the car, etc. They multiply like crazy!! Daily visual examinations are crucial.

If anyone has the same parasite infestation, their pest description and symptoms should be identical (as stated in the above sections). The only variation is related to itching. Over a period of time, they may experience disease symptoms (i.e. swelling ankles). The full list of symptoms can't be assessed until the parasite is identified or a case study is done among infected patients.


People with less sensitive skin may unknowingly carry the parasite. Some folks can live with an infested person and not notice the parasites. The parasites will be on their clothing and they'll transfer them other places. I've seen them fly off someone's clothing!


Parasites carry uncommon and highly infectious diseases. When parasites bite, they can inject diseases into the body. Some diseases may lead to death.

Parasite infested people should avoid public contact during heavy infestation. They should stay at home. After a significant reduction, they can go out. Yet their clothing and hair should be sprayed first. The other daily routines must continue (see below).


The parasite loves hair and that's a breeding spot. Parasite victims either shave their head or keep it covered.

Treatment of clothing

Dry cleaning does not kill the parasite. Instead, it causes the spread of parasites to dry cleaning personnel and other customers. Do not take infested clothing to the dry cleaners!

Machine washing new clothing does NOT kill parasites on infested garments. Infestation victims have used Borax, Ammonia, Vinegar, and other chemical products. None of the chemicals yield a complete removal of the parasite including unhatched eggs. After a hot washing/drying, parasites can fly out the machine. Therefore, infested clothing must be handled very carefully. Just one infested item can cause your entire closet to get infested. Heavily infested clothing should be burned. Get rid of everything that's infested!

Medical malpractice

Infestation victims are often mistreated by the medical community. Doctors often won't touch and examine infested patients. Some have given patients a false diagnosis of scabies. Then they rush the patient out the office or hospital. Others might avoid having the patient visit their office. Discrimination has occurred among non-white patients.

In some cases, entomologists and doctors diagnosed patients as having delusional parasitosis, That is a rare disorder in which sufferers hold a delusional belief they are infested with parasites ( Of course, it is easier for professionals to accuse you of being delusional than to admit they don't know something! Parasite victims must be able to handle these challenges.


If you're waiting for an official announcement, don't hold your breath! The federal government won't acknowledge anything caused by their oversight or political decisions. It is up to you to start examining all clothing and textile products. Be vigilant wherever you go.

We're living in the end times. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled (Luke 21:11). You can't avoid the end time pestilence--an epidemic outbreak of infectious diseases. So you might as well get prepared to deal with it now. It's even more important that you do a spiritual assessment. Only Christians who endure until the end will be saved (Matthew 10:22, Mark 13:13).

Article submitted by a customer and devout Christian, April 2007


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